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The Content Wars Intensify

Amazon made the difficult decision to remove Apple products from its offerings this holiday season, confirming that content is still king. It’s not the hardware they’re fighting about. Amazon vs. Apple today is all about where consumers buy (and keep) their content.

How good is your Backup strategy?

How good is your Backup strategy?

Sole operator businesses are no less impervious to failed disks than larger companies. However many small businesses have an ad-hoc backup strategy or none at all. A basic backup being better than none, you could simply copy your most critical files to a thumb drive or other disk and store it at home or off-site. However, this stored data remains static while… Continue reading »

Mac OS Server Replication & Warm Site

Far from the bustle of Manhattan and its skyscrapers, I walked into the 25-person marketing firm in New Jersey not knowing what to expect. An agency  persuaded me to go see a potential client which wanted to Migrate a Mac Server and replicate it at a DR host.  They presented it as an “interview” (i.e. unpaid… Continue reading »

Macbook 2007 Upgrade and Restore From Time Machine

Very few things could make me brave finding parking at midday in Washington Heights but I considered this to be a Level 1 emergency: Frankie had just lost his entire iTunes Library. When I saw people triple parked and having lunch in their cars, I knew it would be a while before I could crack open the stingy case of Frankie’s 2007 Macbook Pro…. Continue reading »