How good is your Backup strategy?

By   November 13, 2015

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Sole operator businesses are no less impervious to failed disks than larger companies. However many small businesses have an ad-hoc backup strategy or none at all. A basic backup being better than none, you could simply copy your most critical files to a thumb drive or other disk and store it at home or off-site. However, this stored data remains static while the data at your office will continue to change and grow. A rotation strategy will protect your data more effectively by making copies of your static data more frequently. Imagine taking a fresh copy of your critical files home with you every night. That’s a lot of thumb drives! But if you had several thumb drives, you could eventually “age out” the older ones stored at home and bring them back to your office, ensuring that you have at least 1 week’s worth of backed up files. The older thumb drives could then be erased and and re-filled with fresher data needing protection, then moved off-site again.  Smaller companies and sole operator businesses can and should emulate these and other backup strategies used by larger companies to protect their data.